Church Christmas Flyer Design : The Night Before

Over the years I’ve made a few church Christmas flyer designs for St Phils. Over that time, I’ve seen the most popular service for Christmas move from the morning of Christmas day to a Christmas Eve service that is hugely popular with busy people who have lots to do on Christmas day. I received instructionContinue reading “Church Christmas Flyer Design : The Night Before”

Church Event Design: A series of colourful flyers

This series of designs has been proposed to my church, for the event called ‘You’. Each design to be printed as a digital photo print, handed out individually to friends and neighbours of members of the church. Some of the detail behind the series: The design is based off the idea of connecting people. ColoursContinue reading “Church Event Design: A series of colourful flyers”

Deliberate and accidental moods: works of light

Church tonight started in the dark. We sang a song about Jesus’ death and resurrection. With a big storm outside and soft rain it was a moody way to reflect on the Easter message of redemption. Ironically there was a blackout during the sermon while Mike was preaching new life! He just moved into theContinue reading “Deliberate and accidental moods: works of light”

Easter Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates Facebook

See also:Church postcard designColourful church event flyersEaster Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates FacebookChurch Christmas Flyer Design (Ed: oh golly, looking back on this – it’s not something I’d be doing again that’s for sure – would you?) I usually dislike Christian ripoffs. In fact, I squirm every time I see them. So I cameContinue reading “Easter Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates Facebook”

Design: St Philip’s Eastwood Anglican Church

Some of my favourite work is for my church. Thanks to a lack of swarms of professional designers and marketers in the church I am often left to come up with themes and ideas for church promotions (a drawback is not always having someone to collaborate with). One of my favourites over the last fewContinue reading “Design: St Philip’s Eastwood Anglican Church”