Hotel Email Lifecycles: Marriott Bonvoy Onboarding Email Program

Subscribed: 22nd August 2023First email: 25th August 2023 – 3 days after subscription (average 1.2 days) Timeline Of First 3 Marriott Bonvoy Emails The Highs, Lows, and Buffalos The high: The email is clear in what to expect, and shows you visually what other emails you will find coming to you soon. The low: FromContinue reading “Hotel Email Lifecycles: Marriott Bonvoy Onboarding Email Program”

How to Find The Value of Automating Work

“If you have to do it more than once, it’s worth automating” is often a phrase that’s spoken – but I find not really taken to heart in workplaces. There’s any number of reasons that automation isn’t executed (and I think as a result innovation) in workplaces: The way to find the value of anContinue reading “How to Find The Value of Automating Work”

Lead Score Modelling

A lead score model is a hypothesis, a guess, a nexus of the decisions you expect your sales, marketing, demand generation teams to make, and shows the priorities of your business. If you’re lacking in qualified leads, you may have a problem with the following: It’s always good to get in a room periodically, takeContinue reading “Lead Score Modelling”

Newsletter as a Business

My first serious attempt at a website included a weekly newsletter that I would send out of Outlook Express (!) with a maximum of 50 people at a time. It was just a weekly wrap of interesting links and design thoughts around the Internet – and I had loads of fun doing it. Since then,Continue reading “Newsletter as a Business”