Design: St Philip’s Eastwood Anglican Church

Refresh Family Time

Some of my favourite work is for my church.

Thanks to a lack of swarms of professional designers and marketers in the church I am often left to come up with themes and ideas for church promotions (a drawback is not always having someone to collaborate with). One of my favourites over the last few years is this A5 flyer for a new church service launched to attract families. The service had actually existed for some time, and we wanted to focus on the news as new and exciting, and also that it had taken a new direction. The design had the aim of being relaxed but fresh – in line with being focussed around the idea of ‘refresh’. The three way message was:
The Refreshed Times

  1. Something new and exciting is happening. It’s fresh.
  2. Something that previously existed is being renewed.
  3. You can join in with both your spiritual family with your physical family.

Refresh Family Time – 9am Sundays
There’s nothing more refreshing than great times spent with family. That’s why at Eastwood Anglican we want to refresh Sunday family time.

Come and join us at our new contemporary service at 9am which has everything for a great family time. An engaging service, a warm welcome, kid’s church, creche, and parents room.