Church Postcard Design

Just like with my philosophy about church flyer design: It’s all about relationships. Here are a few strategies that can be readily implemented by any church aiming to cultivate a sense of relationship: Want to see more? Here’s another church flyer Facebook style, and a series of really colourful church flyers for related church events.

Church Christmas Flyer Design : The Night Before

Over the years I’ve made a few church Christmas flyer designs for St Phils. Over that time, I’ve seen the most popular service for Christmas move from the morning of Christmas day to a Christmas Eve service that is hugely popular with busy people who have lots to do on Christmas day. I received instructionContinue reading “Church Christmas Flyer Design : The Night Before”

Church Event Design: A series of colourful flyers

This series of designs has been proposed to my church, for the event called ‘You’. Each design to be printed as a digital photo print, handed out individually to friends and neighbours of members of the church. Some of the detail behind the series: The design is based off the idea of connecting people. ColoursContinue reading “Church Event Design: A series of colourful flyers”

Easter Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates Facebook

See also:Church postcard designColourful church event flyersEaster Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates FacebookChurch Christmas Flyer Design (Ed: oh golly, looking back on this – it’s not something I’d be doing again that’s for sure – would you?) I usually dislike Christian ripoffs. In fact, I squirm every time I see them. So I cameContinue reading “Easter Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates Facebook”