About Me

I saw this today and reflexively called it an ‘abandoned cart’.

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Hiya, I’m Andrew Beeston, but my friends call me Ants.

My journey into the world of digital marketing began in the late 1990s during university – when I first developed a passion for creating websites and graphic design. Over two decades later, I have honed my skills and leadership through significant (and ongoing) hands-on experience by leading and consulting for marketing at Start-ups to multi-national organisations.

More than a job

Digital marketing is more than a job for me; it’s a passion that has allowed me to become proficient in strategic planning, leadership, data analysis, budget management, and project management.

I’ve developed a deep understanding of digital marketing channels, technical skills, and have a particular interest in email marketing, analytics, and inbound content marketing.

My toolset includes Oracle Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Facebook ads, Figma, Shopify, WordPress, (I really like Excel but don’t tell anyone), loads of email marketing platforms, and others.

Andrew Beeston Telstra marketing

Career goals

One of my primary goals is to create smooth, well-run marketing organisations that achieve outstanding business outcomes. I strive to lead with empathy and foster an environment where my team members can grow and excel in their roles.

Throughout my career, I’ve been proud to lead projects that have made a significant impact, the most notable of which involved a long-term engagement with one of Australia’s largest customers, leading a project that generated over $200 million over five years.

As I look to the future, I’m excited about the potential to leverage my skills and passion to drive more successful marketing outcomes and help teams thrive. If you think we could work together, I’d love to hear from you.

Some of my career highlights


Delivered over 3,000 marketing campaigns worth $200M+ across just one team of 75 B2C digital marketers;

24 Staff

Managed team of staff across key marketing professional services account;

Strategy = $

Used data & strategic thinking to uncover $4.2M of B2B marketing qualified leads, during a high profile review of a lead score model, for leading Australian telco;


Speaker and panellist for Inbox Expo, Flowmailer round table, IT News Australia/Red Sift.

Unique Insights

Created and maintain a visual library of digital and email marketing material from over 500 Australian businesses;


Implemented new project management platform and process across a team of 50 Customer experience, Project Management, and Marketing professionals, creating efficiency savings of over $200k/yr;


Many times high achiever award and state lead across Oracle Customer Experience consulting team.