Easter Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates Facebook

See also:Church postcard designColourful church event flyersEaster Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates FacebookChurch Christmas Flyer Design (Ed: oh golly, looking back on this – it’s not something I’d be doing again that’s for sure – would you?) I usually dislike Christian ripoffs. In fact, I squirm every time I see them. So I cameContinue reading “Easter Church Flyer Design : Jesus Updates Facebook”

Design: St Philip’s Eastwood Anglican Church

Some of my favourite work is for my church. Thanks to a lack of swarms of professional designers and marketers in the church I am often left to come up with themes and ideas for church promotions (a drawback is not always having someone to collaborate with). One of my favourites over the last fewContinue reading “Design: St Philip’s Eastwood Anglican Church”