Church Postcard Design

Just like with my philosophy about church flyer design: It’s all about relationships. Here are a few strategies that can be readily implemented by any church aiming to cultivate a sense of relationship:

  1. Embrace genuine representation: Use photographs featuring real individuals from within your church community. Showcasing actual congregants fosters a sense of authenticity and relatability.
  2. Foster relational communication: Avoid using organisational jargon or language that might alienate outsiders or impede connection. Instead, strive for a conversational tone that facilitates understanding and meaningful engagement.
  3. Identify a target audience: The notion of “everyone welcome” lacks impact and specificity. Determine the particular demographics or groups who would be interested in attending your church, and provide compelling reasons tailored to their needs and interests. Without a defined target audience, attracting newcomers becomes challenging.
  4. Emphasise people over premises: Remember that a church is not merely a physical structure; it comprises its members. Rather than fixating on the grandeur or impressiveness of your building, prioritise highlighting the vibrancy, diversity, and relationships within your congregation.
  5. Showcase captivating individuals: If possible, identify intriguing individuals within your church community who can serve as relatable figures to others. Introduce them to your broader community through photographs or other means. Sharing the stories and experiences of these individuals can help forge connections and foster a sense of belonging.
Five Dock Church Postcard that says, "If you could ask God any question what would it be?" Everyone's got questions. No one's got all the answers. But maybe together we can start a conversation.
Church Postcard First Birthday

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