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With my seed funding and more product available I chuffed off to buy myself four more boxes of seeds.

We got home shortly after and had a few boxes on the floor. My daughter in her excitement emptied the boxes all over the house – I was almost as excited so a little disappointed that I didn’t get to do it first ;)

We spent the afternoon counting the packets and came up with a total 6899 packets of seeds. Enough for… for something. I still wasn’t entirely sure what I’d do.

I did have an idea though, I thought of my favourite bargain site in Australia – OzBargain. They’re an absolute bunch of cheapskates (let the reader understand this is a compliment of the highest order) and I was sure it would come in handy at some point. More about that soon.

The first thing I wanted to do was assess what my opportunity looked like. I had an inkling that it was a pretty good result. Originally I had purchased 60 packets for $6. Then I had completed my purchase of 5 full boxes of seeds for $200 – with 6899 packets of seeds each pack had cost me about 3 cents.

Always keen to understand what it would have cost me at the shops, I headed up to the local supermarket and found that they were about $3.50 per pack, or $4 for some. So I had a genuine opportunity on my hands – worth around $24k retail. Yes!

I immediately realised I could work this into an offering that would match up perfectly with the ‘needs’ of the biggest pile of cheapskates in Australia.