How to Introduce The Person Sending Your Emails

Instead of sending emails from Brand X, some businesses send marketing emails using the from as a person’s name. In the pursuit of higher open rates and higher click throughs, this can help to appear more friendly, personal, and encourage consistent reading and opening. It can be a really effective method of communicating – after all, people want toContinue reading “How to Introduce The Person Sending Your Emails”

Become the Customer & Revolutionise Your Emails

Change your customer’s experience with your emails by becoming your customer Marketers are so caught up in the day to day activity of performing the marketing function for their business, that it seems they rarely take time to experience their own work as a customer. It’s usually not that hard to do so, sometimes itContinue reading “Become the Customer & Revolutionise Your Emails”

How to manage subscriptions to multiple brands

The more I interact with new marketing techniques and colleagues about the targeting of subscribers and customised experiences in email, the more I think, ‘Wow – marketers are a lot more advanced than I thought.’ There’s really great techniques coming out of ESPs, and people have a lot of great opportunities to do big things with theirContinue reading “How to manage subscriptions to multiple brands”

Small Business Email Marketing – A Cautionary Tale

I once met a man who was running a small business in a well-to-do part of town. He imported and sold beautiful homewares from provincial France that you could not find anywhere else in Sydney. After 15 years he had built up a great business that supported his lifestyle and allowed him to live in comfort. It wasContinue reading “Small Business Email Marketing – A Cautionary Tale”

The longest subject line I’ve ever received.

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” ~David Ogilvy. The father of modern marketing David Ogilvy showed how headlines are like gateways. Each person who reads them decides wether or not itContinue reading “The longest subject line I’ve ever received.”

Email marketing only used by 35% of SMBs in Australia

According to the 2016 Sensis eBusiness Report, only 35% of small & medium businesses in Australia “…promote the business using email marketing”. The report measures technology use within 1000 small and medium business in Australia, showing historic, existing, and projected numbers for the year ahead. Contrasting with what I think is an extremely low number, the use of social media to promoteContinue reading “Email marketing only used by 35% of SMBs in Australia”

Interesting emails : December 2016

December is always an intense month for email marketers and businesses who employ them. As a channel it brings in significant revenue for the Christmas period, and is relied upon to quickly and efficiently boost sales.  So it was no surprise to see the coverage that the experience company Adrenalin got across email, above theContinue reading “Interesting emails : December 2016”

Tourism & Travel Email Marketing – Don’t Thank Your Subscribers 

After reviewing email from 230 tourism and travel businesses, I found that over 40% of businesses fail to engage customers after subscription. One particular characteristic of this lack of engagement is the way that businesses speak with organisationally centric language by saying ‘thank you’ and abruptly end the customer journey in response to a subscription. WhenContinue reading “Tourism & Travel Email Marketing – Don’t Thank Your Subscribers “