Speaker: Email Authentication & BIMI

This conversation kicked off by an interaction I started on twitter about the use of BIMI and my doubts that it would be effective to improve results in email. I had a great chat with people across the globe, loads of follow up conversations, and there was a real buzz afterwards about the uptake ofContinue reading “Speaker: Email Authentication & BIMI”

How to Introduce The Person Sending Your Emails

Instead of sending emails from Brand X, some businesses send marketing emails using the from as a person’s name. In the pursuit of higher open rates and higher click throughs, this can help to appear more friendly, personal, and encourage consistent reading and opening. It can be a really effective method of communicating – after all, people want toContinue reading “How to Introduce The Person Sending Your Emails”

Email marketing only used by 35% of SMBs in Australia

According to the 2016 Sensis eBusiness Report, only 35% of small & medium businesses in Australia “…promote the business using email marketing”. The report measures technology use within 1000 small and medium business in Australia, showing historic, existing, and projected numbers for the year ahead. Contrasting with what I think is an extremely low number, the use of social media to promoteContinue reading “Email marketing only used by 35% of SMBs in Australia”