Become the Customer & Revolutionise Your Emails

Change your customer’s experience with your emails by becoming your customer

Marketers are so caught up in the day to day activity of performing the marketing function for their business, that it seems they rarely take time to experience their own work as a customer. It’s usually not that hard to do so, sometimes it costs money – but it will really change the way you think and act with your emails.

Become The Customer

If you want to do this well, take the following question with you, “Is this step about me as a customer or them as business?”

That question will help you analyse how you experience your own journey, and start refining it to be more about the customer and less about you.

You might like to:

  • Buy your product under a different name or email address
  • Subscribe to every other business in your industry and watch how they treat their customers
  • Subscribe to emails for industries that should be good at customer centric language (non-profits, travel/tourism).
  • Sketch the user journey on paper of what really happens when someone subscribes

Become Subscriber Centric in your Language

Stop talking about yourself or from the point of view of your business and switch up your language to be more about your customer. Helping the subscriber realise it’s about them and not you (though it’s really both) gives them a sense of buy in, or engagement.

Think of changing:

  • ‘We’ to ‘You’
  • ‘Thanks for subscribing’ to ‘You’re in for a treat’
  • ‘Contact us’ to ‘Get in touch’
  • ‘We’re having a sale’ to ‘Grab a bargain’
  • ‘Subscribe now’ to ‘Let’s connect’

Language can be tricky, but making the change and being aware of your customer more may provide you with new and exciting ideas for communicating a message to them.