Why New Things at Work Often Don’t Stick

“Giving them technology is like giving a machine gun to a baby” David H. Maister In a speech, “The Problem of Standards” Maister shows incisively how discipline & technology are not enough to ensure successful outcomes of strategy in a business. To get success it must be an unavoidable part of work – through accountability.Continue reading “Why New Things at Work Often Don’t Stick”

The Value of Community at Work

“There is no business excellence without community excellence.” (Tom Peters) Maybe it’s not visibly “productive” but it’s necessary work – spending time to catch up with colleagues. Thanks Brenda Van, Meiko Tajima, Lynda Leiva, Alexandra Jarratt for making a better work community.

Lead Score Modelling

A lead score model is a hypothesis, a guess, a nexus of the decisions you expect your sales, marketing, demand generation teams to make, and shows the priorities of your business. If you’re lacking in qualified leads, you may have a problem with the following: Alignment of people. Are people promoting what the sales teamContinue reading “Lead Score Modelling”

How to Introduce The Person Sending Your Emails

Instead of sending emails from Brand X, some businesses send marketing emails using the from as a person’s name. In the pursuit of higher open rates and higher click throughs, this can help to appear more friendly, personal, and encourage consistent reading and opening. It can be a really effective method of communicating – after all, people want toContinue reading “How to Introduce The Person Sending Your Emails”

Small Business Email Marketing – A Cautionary Tale

I once met a man who was running a small business in a well-to-do part of town. He imported and sold beautiful homewares from provincial France that you could not find anywhere else in Sydney. After 15 years he had built up a great business that supported his lifestyle and allowed him to live in comfort. It wasContinue reading “Small Business Email Marketing – A Cautionary Tale”