Travel & Tourism : How To Make An Email Welcome Series

I’ve been researching the tourism and travel industry’s use of email marketing for the 2 years, and have observed that apart from a few stand outs, the bulk of the industry isn’t doing email marketing well. A statistic that stands out to me when I look at my research is that the average delay betweenContinue reading “Travel & Tourism : How To Make An Email Welcome Series”

Who Owns Your Audience?

The Disney-owned Maker Studios and YouTube have pulled away from PewDiePie, one of the video platform’s most popular stars, after a report that he had posted several videos featuring anti-Semitic imagery. SMH Ouch. PewDiePie’s revenue has just taken a big hit. It’s reported that last year he earned US$15 million, and now that YouTube andContinue reading “Who Owns Your Audience?”

Is this Deceptive or Legitimate Email Marketing Tactic?

The ‘form’ shown in the email below contains data that encourages a subscriber to update their details. Upon clicking on the form entry, or item it takes the subscriber to a landing page where a subscriber can input/update their details. For some this is deceptive behaviour Some people think that forms in email are notContinue reading “Is this Deceptive or Legitimate Email Marketing Tactic?”