Do this to achieve 20% better digital marketing results

Now here’s a claim.

“Gartner found CMOs utilising 70% of their martech stack’s capabilities were achieving 20% better marketing return on investment than their peers.”

To be fair, I can see there’s a correlation but it’s not a causal relationship I don’t think.

A couple of things that strike me on this.

  1. What’s the capability of the martech stack anyway (is it just Mailchimp + a combination of advertising? This wouldn’t be too far off the mark for some CMOs to be honest.)
  2. Marketing ROI is always hard, because it’s not really for me a case of comparing apples to apples. There’s so many platforms with so many different capabilities.
  3. It’s usually far more important I think, to measure the maturity required to operate those stacks, and then evaluate how your marketing measures in relation to that level of complexity. There’s so much more that goes in to delivering good marketing:
    • data/personalisation
    • processes and management
    • legacy systems
    • creative
    • messaging
    • timing
    • product/market fit
    • even purchasing flow
    • attribution