7 ways to start an article…

I get so bored with myself when I’m writing, so I’m in searching for something new to help me write. Here’s a list of ways to start sentences because it’s always good to have lists to look up.

  1. Start with a question
    Will U2’s new album be launched with the same problems the last one had? 
  2. Begin with the past
    Last summer I spoke to three people that changed my life – one of them died soon after. 
  3. State a fact
    Only 10 people in 100 will find the occupation they really love. I am one of them, and you can be too. 
  4. Start a list
    Everyone loves a list, here’s 5 types of lists that will get you into better writing. 
  5. Have a story to tell
    The best piece of advice I ever received from an amazing entrepreneur was… 
  6. Use an image

    Steve Jobs loved iCecream


  7. Use a contrast
    In Australia if you seek asylum by boat you’re treated like a criminal, but if you come by plane it’s fine.