One amazingly simple thing that your nonprofit should do.

“Five things that Oxfam are doing that your non-profit should be doing too” goes the headline. “Six amazing social media tips from World Vision,” you see tweeted.

You go, read the post. You have a look at all the amazing things that people are doing on social and with their websites. It is amazing. It truly is five or six things that you too could be doing.

Then you try and do it.

Well you don’t, you write down a few of the things that you’d like to do because they just seem so easy. They seem really easy because they are quite simple when it comes to actually hitting the keys. But you don’t do it.

You forget about it.

You don’t have the time. You don’t have the money. You don’t have the people to do much more than your job.

You’d like to be able to do it. You think things would be better if you did.

But there’s a problem with the things that the World Visions and the Oxfams do. They have the resources behind them. They have the stories, they have the history, they have the people and the money to be able to ‘do these five simple things’.

Your job is hard enough without feeling like you have to catch up to the other guys. Stop worrying about the

Want to do something better? Pick one thing you already do, work hard on it to improve it.