Experiments with Etsy

Blue Bag

My wife makes really good things with fabric – recently she completed a two piece custom jacket and waist coat for me. These two pieces of clothing are pretty much my favourite things in the world. But she rarely makes things for other people, because her skills weren’t developed by working on others, she prefers to create for herself (that makes me very lucky!).

A little while ago however, she had a whole lot of fabric and had made some bags for herself. I thought they were great – and with some encouragement she decided to see how they would go selling on Etsy. Technology has become so much easier to use, selling anything is easy now.

Here’s how the experiment was structured:

  • Get items made
  • Take photos
  • List them on Etsy
  • Wait for the cashola to roll in

The experiment was a success! Each step in the process was fun and was enjoyed for its own end. I’m a big believer in doing things for the enjoyment of the process so I’ll always say it’s a success if we get even half of them completed (and no cashola rolls in). You can be creative around each step of the way – trying different ways of approaching the task than how others do it. It’s of little cost to try and can be a fun way to express yourself while working with others.

Some photos below of the products Lara listed.

Knitting Roll

Blue Bag

Brown Bag

Christmas Tag - Red Lace

Christmas Tag - Snowflake