There Is No Fold

Marketers are great at coming up with reasons that their work won’t perform. Of the many and various reasons that things won’t work, the most frustrating is that headlines, calls to action, or some special stock photo need to be ‘above the fold’ and if they aren’t, then people won’t buy a product or service.

The old ‘above the fold’ trick often appeals to a weakness, a single metric often obsessed over – clicks. In email, opens and clicks can become a master of marketers. Dominating design decisions like they’re the only measurements that have ever mattered. The focus on opens and clicks can be so big that people forget that they’re actually there to point people towards a purchase.

So when marketers are threatened with something not being immediately clickable, or maybe taking some time to get to (like making someone read to understand what an offer is) then this can be a big red flag.

Stop fearing – there’s evidence to show that longer pages or emails can actually benefit you. Here’s a few reasons you might want to take to your boss or colleague about long emails:

  • People really do scroll in email marketing
  • There are so many screen sizes – which will you pick to be the fold?
  • Longer pages actually convert higher.
  • Tests show that on websites, having calls to action at the top can reduce clicks rather than increase them.