Speaker: APAC Industry Leaders: Email Communications Strategy, Looking forward to 2022

Inbox Expo 2021 - APAC Leaders panel

Providing value, nurturing relationships. Maintaining relevance & your place in the inbox. How to adapt communications from lessons learned in 2020?

I had a fantastic panel chat with Nerida Cook (Marketing Cloud Practice Lead – Australia, Bluewolf), Nhan Tran (Senior Customer Success Manager, Validity), and Bryan Dobson (co-Founder, Bower House Digital) around the future of email and marketing coming out of the pandemic and in to calmer world of post-vaccine release.

It’s easy to be responsive, provide critical information, and seem ‘caring’ during a time of crisis – but what happens when that’s over? How do marketers take lessons learned and apply them to a more ‘business as usual’ time?

As panelists, we all agreed that those who were able to move quickly, and adapt – are likely better placed to ride out the negative effects of a post-pandemic economy, as stimulus dries up, and people’s jobs are no longer secure.

As usual, it’s those with the means to change and the will to put it into practice, who likely do better in the long term.