Digital Art – Niphal Glitch

I’ve started a new project called Niphal Glitch to enjoy the process of creating for the sake of it. My world is very concrete a lot of the time with little kids, and also the world of marketing. So being able to just get a bit abstract, and enjoy making something of my own gives satisfaction.

This glitch art is designed to have a single focus, provide a sense of movement, and story. I am trying to publish on a daily basis, to push me to make with the little spare time that I have available to me.

I’m using Glitch Lab, which has a fairly set number of options, hopefully increasing my creativity in finding ways of expressing something new each time.

An additional intent with this work is to not ‘feel’ like glitch art, though it is using the methods and constructs of glitch art. My process is to take an initial image, and build upon it to create something new – while retaining the history of the pixels within. In that way, the image is an evolution of the initial image – where the placement of pixels has been determined by both glitching and initial image.