April Fools Content Marketing

As someone once said, April 1st is the one day of the year that people actually check to see if what they’re being told on the Internet is true.

It’s a great day for companies wanting to engage their customers and have a little bit of fun – and while it has in latter years become a little predictable, there’s still something about it that is enjoyable.

The thing is though, the content being produced really only has a lifespan of a couple of days. Many companies go to great effort to produce believable material for people to consume only to be told it’s a joke.

But what if it wasn’t just a one off? What if brands had such a focus on their real products and services that they were able to produce content as good as the content on April fools day? To me it seems we’d live in a much more interesting world.

Take the following email from Contiki – it’s a great example of a fun company making their content fun. Almost believable, and worth pursuing to engage with them.

Contiki Introduces A.T.I.T.A: World First Artificial Intelligence Trip Managers